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Al-Ameen Urdu Markaz is all about the restoration of the rights of an Indian language universally known as Urdu, the standardized form of Hindustani Speech, in the modern, secular and democratic Republic of India. These rights have been established in the entire Indian subcontinent through long centuries of our history and usage, our Constitution, and the International Charter of Human Rights. The Markaz is an offshoot of the great Al-Ameen Movement and works independently and exclusively for the restoration of the rights of Urdu and supplements in its own way the efforts of the individuals, organizations and movements that are contributing towards the same cause. The Markaz feels especially closer to the Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) as it has been doing, since its inception, the most solid and comprehensive work for the promotion of Urdu Language, literature, script, education and culture.

Of all the modern Indian languages, the Urdu language, also named in its long history as Hindvi, Hindi, Hindustani etc. has had the honor of being the only country-wide contact language, the language of composite Indian culture, the mouthpiece of the rising inclusive Indian Nationalism, and the lingua franca of the entire Sub Continent and South Asia. Around the middle of the 19th century, following the demonstration of extraordinary nationalist fervor of a large section of Indian people against their foreign rulers, forced the British to find ways to regain their hold on the empire for a long time to come. It was in this environment that divisive trends engineered by the foreign rulers in a diverse society came to the surface.

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